We know how addictive a SUPERCUBE session can be so to make sure you get at least a few extra songs for every session we are introducing BONUS TIME.

All bookings made online can claim extra free BONUS TIME for any time of the week, even including Saturday evenings and the busy festive period! All you have to do is book online and the booking system will offer you an extra 15 minutes for free! (Currently also offering a maximum of 30 minutes free BONUS TIME in our Glasgow venue! Even for Saturday evenings!!)


Terms & Conditions

  • Only available when booking online
  • Online booking system can only offer BONUS TIME if additional time is available in light of our closing times, other bookings etc
  • BONUS TIME is not available in conjunction with any other deals i.e. 123 Deal, TFI Friday deal, 341 Deal etc
  • However, BONUS TIME is still available in the month of December!