19 August 2020

Following the Scottish Government’s “New safety rules for hospitality industry” published on 14 August 2020 we responded accordingly on the same day and have now published our response to these guidelines – for the benefit of staff and for the benefit of any officials or members of the public visiting the venue

Mandatory collection of customer/visitor contact details to support Test and Protect

Until now the Government had made this voluntary for hospitality venues. However at SUPERCUBE this has always been mandatory since day one of our Covid re-openings. Any lead customer unwilling to provide contact details for their group (single household) has not been allowed to enter. To date no lead customer has refused. We will maintain this strict policy as always for our peace of mind in addition to our desire to comply with the updated guidance.

Regarding Noise control – i.e. music in individual Karaoke rooms

We understand the Government’s position in wanting to minimise the risk of transmission and understand their fears of transmission risks as it pertains to open plan hospitality venues where people from a large number of households can be gathered in the same open plan area. Our venues are very different from the vast majority of hospitality venues (cellular structure and very low capacity) and as such we have implemented rules in line with the guidance that allows us to trade and host qualifying groups while minimising the risks of the creating of new transmission links between households. Our venue is different to almost all hospitality venues both in physical structure and current entrance policy as the only groups we allow entry are formed of single or extended households. These groups (households) will spend 99% of their time in their own room which is completely separate and isolated from all other groups (households) and in addition each of our rooms is also very well ventilated for these low levels of occupancy. Our customers will spend very little time in the communal areas of the venue (reception, corridors, toilets) and in these transient areas customers are highly likely to simply be going from A to B (there is a no “loitering” policy in all of these areas) and not conversing at all. Also while in these communal areas customers are unlikely to encounter other groups (households) and even if they do they are unlikely to need to interact with other groups (households). As such we have assessed that background karaoke music inside an individual and private karaoke room which houses a group formed only of a single or extended household presents no substantive risk of transmission between households and as such we see no reason why this activity cannot continue to be carried out safely in this way and with the range of other measures we have implemented for our Covid secure re-openings.

Queue management/Advanced Booking

We have not encountered any issues with queue management so far. Internally we currently operate room service only so there is very little occasion for customers to leave their own room and customers are informed of this on arrival. As such internal queuing does not happen. Regarding the possibility of external queuing and crowd control: we are operating at incredibly reduced capacities (approx 20%) and most groups entering the venue are in the range of 2-4 people. In addition we have extend room turnover times to 1 hour between groups so that the risk of groups exiting and entering at the same time is also further reduced. In addition we have door security who can control these small numbers of groups to wait in a socially distant fashion at the front door if needed. Aside from that, we have always advised our customers to book in advance during our entire 10 year history. This guidance remains the same now. Customers are made aware that the best chance they have to visit us is to book online. If they do not do this walk in slots may be possible, as long as safety can be maintained however we advise that customers only guaranteed method to secure a slot is to book online as well in advance as possible.

Noise control – no background music (communal areas)

All music in communal areas of our venues had been at very low levels since reopening. We had assessed (due to transient nature of our communal areas) that low levels of background music in these areas do not provide any significant risk as customers will not be loitering or conversing in these areas. However, following the above updated guidance we will now implement a “zero background music” policy in all communal areas of the venue (reception, corridors, toilets). As such there will continue to be a very low risk of transmission between groups (households) whilst in these communal areas.

Noise control: loud behaviour

Such behaviour has so far not been observed in any of our communal areas of our venues. If it were to happen staff have been briefed to act quickly to avoid the risk of transmission between different groups (households). However this could only happen in the rare occasion where multiple groups (households) are in the same public areas of the venue (reception corridor etc) at the same time AND a customer started to sing or shout while in these communal areas. This is a rare occasion and if it was to occur would quickly be acted upon.

So to recap – following the update from Government, our operations remain entirely as per our Covid secure re-openings except that until further notice background music will not be played in communal areas.

Thanks for reading

21 July 2020

Following the successful re-opening of the Edinburgh Cowgate venue with our Covid measures in place, we are now working to tweak operational aspects in the Cowgate “pilot” and we can now confirm opening dates for our other venues: Glasgow (Friday 31st July) and Edinburgh George Street (Friday 7 August). These dates are now firm, but as always potentially subject to change. We would like to let you know that the Cowgate venue was visited by Police Scotland on a couple of occasions over the weekend who were very happy with the measures we have in place after being given a tour of the premises. Essential part of these measures is the conditions on groups that we are currently allowing into the venue:

1 – Our rooms can strictly only be booked by groups formed of a single household (or an extended household)


2 – the maximum group size for any group/room booking is strictly limited to 6 people

For more information on what the current rules are in regards to households and extended households please visit the Scottish Government website.

You can walk in to our venues, however we would always suggest it is best to secure a booking. Our booking system currently will quote you our regular prices as we are still working on all of the various updates required to bring the booking system in line with recent changes, however rest assured that on arrival you will be charged the much cheaper Covid room prices.

14 July 2020

Following the Scottish Government’s confirmation of moving into phase 3, we are now able to confirm that our Edinburgh Cowgate venue will be ready to re-open Covid securely from Friday 17 July. As advised by Government guidance we have decided to re-open our venues in a phased way so that we can ensure this is done safely for all customers and staff, and also so that, where we are able to improve any of the new measures, then we can learn from our experiences in re-opening one venue at a time and roll out all measures to following venues. Tentative dates for the other venues are: Glasgow (Friday 24th July) and Edinburgh George Street (Friday 31 July). These two dates are tentative only and subject to revision. Full information on temporary room capacities, group size limits, and temporary pricing structure & opening times will be on our website soon along with a full range of measures we are taking to ensure safety at this time. We look forward to opening our doors and welcoming all you back to our venues.

The venues are simply not the same without you.

11 June 2020

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement of a tentative date for moving into phase 3 of lockdown release (including hospitality sector) of 15 July 2020, we are now aiming to be ready to host groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow on that date. Formal reopening dates will follow based on updates from Government. In the meantime we have already put some measures in place in all 3 venues and you can find more info on our website. These measures are only provisional and will be subject to further measures or advice following guidance from relevant Government publications.

15 May 2020

Following both the Scottish Government lockdown extension and the publishing of the UK Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy (which gives approximate timeframe for reopening the economy) we are now extending the below guidance (28 March 2020 post below) to include all affected bookings up to and including 31 July 2020.

Regarding any existing bookings from 1 August 2020 onward – please feel free to contact us if you wish to rearrange the date or cancel. However we ask for patience at this time as we may not be able to come back to you as quickly as we would like given the circumstances.

17 April 2020

Following the updated Government announcement yesterday regarding a 3 week continuation of the current lockdown restrictions, we are now extending the below guidance to include all affected bookings up to and including 31 May 2020.

Regarding any existing bookings from 1 June 2020 onward – please feel free to contact us if you wish to rearrange the date or cancel. However we ask for patience at this time as we may not be able to come back to you as quickly as we would like given the circumstances.

28 March 2020

Firstly we hope you are doing all you can to stay safe during these unprecedented times.

We are also incredibly proud of the NHS staff and core workers who are still going about their business while most of the country is shutdown.

SUPERCUBE is, like every individual, small business and large business, trying to work through this period in the best way we can. We want to be open and fair to everyone – our staff, our customers and our suppliers (many of whom are also small businesses).

Just over a week ago on Friday 20 March 2020 the Government asked venues such as ours to close as soon as feasibly possible and for an indefinite period. We very shortly after (at around 5:30pm) closed all 3 venues. We will not reopen until these instructions have been changed.

Since then we have had many enquiries regarding existing bookings and have only been able to respond to these with a small team of staff, so we have not been able to respond as quickly as we would like – our apologies for anyone who has been delayed by this.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been working behind the scenes to assess our cash flow situation and at the same time work towards a standard position which will hopefully satisfy all customers that have bookings which are affected by this crisis.

First of all we want to ensure everyone that SUPERCUBE as a business will get through this. Government support has been pledged in various forms and this, plus ongoing support from our fantastic customers, and cautious use of the funds we have, will ensure our return to stability.

However, according to updates it could be early May until payments come through from the Government Employment Support scheme. So for the next 4-5 weeks our intention is to prioritise the funds we currently have available and allocate them on a needs basis.

Simply put we want to:

1 – keep paying our staff for as long as possible through this turbulent time

2 – pay the outstanding bills from our smaller suppliers and tradesmen that are also in a tough situation at the moment

3 – prioritise any refunds to those most in need – i.e. any customer that has been put into serious financial difficulty due to this ongoing crisis

As a brief background, our standard t&cs (agreed to during booking) state that we do not return deposits for any reason. However we totally understand that these are exceptional times and we will act accordingly.

In the meantime we can advise the following for all bookings made for Friday 20 March 2020 until (and including) 30 April 2020: (EDIT on 15/05/2020: this end date is now extended to 31 July 2020)

All payments already made for any booking in this period have now been saved as credit (all details saved under your original booking).  This credit can be used to secure a new booking once things have calmed down. If that works for you, we would like to offer you an extra 50% of credit, on the house, to spend on drinks or snacks to say thank you for your patience in these unprecedented times. (So for example if you had paid £50 deposit – you will now have £75 credit saved against your original booking)

The new total credit can be used anytime in the next 5 years. This credit can be used to secure a new booking in the future – just email us and we will get you booked in. Also note that the credit does not have to be used by yourself – it can be gifted over to other friends and family. In any case just email us and we will sort any details and new bookings.

We hope this offer of saving the credit and adding additional credit works for you. If you are happy with this there is no need to contact us – this will be updated on your booking automatically and will be ready for you to use for your next booking when the time comes.

Importantly, any customer who has already been put in serious financial difficulty due to this crisis please email us and we will prioritise your request for a refund. While our intention is to protect our staff and suppliers we do not want to put anyone else into financial difficulty at this time.

Anyone else who has a booking in this period and does not anticipate being able to use the enhanced credit, is welcome to request a full refund, but we would ask that if you are not currently in serious financial difficulty you give us some time to process the refund – currently we would anticipate being able to do that in early May but this could be brought forward if Government support can reach us quicker than that.

Regarding any bookings for August 2020 onward. We do not currently have any specific information so will not be able to advise until the Government position on the becomes clear, hopefully by early July.

If you need to contact us directly, please do so by email to the relevant venue – edinburgh@supercube.biz, cowgate@supercube.biz, or glasgow@supercube.biz.

Due to the high volume of enquiries just now we are only able to respond by email so please contact us by email only. It may also take us a few days to respond – but we promise we will respond to all emails. We will not be able to respond to messages via Facebook or other social media messages and we are literally unable to take calls at the venues right now.

Please do all you can to keep yourself and others safe at this time.

We really look forward to welcoming you back in the future.