28 March 2020

Firstly we hope you are doing all you can to stay safe during these unprecedented times.

We are also incredibly proud of the NHS staff and core workers who are still going about their business while most of the country is shutdown.

SUPERCUBE is, like every individual, small business and large business, trying to work through this period in the best way we can. We want to be open and fair to everyone – our staff, our customers and our suppliers (many of whom are also small businesses).

Just over a week ago on Friday 20 March 2020 the Government asked venues such as ours to close as soon as feasibly possible and for an indefinite period. We very shortly after (at around 5:30pm) closed all 3 venues. We will not reopen until these instructions have been changed.

Since then we have had many enquiries regarding existing bookings and have only been able to respond to these with a small team of staff, so we have not been able to respond as quickly as we would like – our apologies for anyone who has been delayed by this.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been working behind the scenes to assess our cash flow situation and at the same time work towards a standard position which will hopefully satisfy all customers that have bookings which are affected by this crisis.

First of all we want to ensure everyone that SUPERCUBE as a business will get through this. Government support has been pledged in various forms and this, plus ongoing support from our fantastic customers, and cautious use of the funds we have, will ensure our return to stability.

However, according to updates it could be early May until payments come through from the Government Employment Support scheme. So for the next 4-5 weeks our intention is to prioritise the funds we currently have available and allocate them on a needs basis.

Simply put we want to:

1 – keep paying our staff for as long as possible through this turbulent time

2 – pay the outstanding bills from our smaller suppliers and tradesmen that are also in a tough situation at the moment

3 – prioritise any refunds to those most in need – i.e. any customer that has been put into serious financial difficulty due to this ongoing crisis

As a brief background, our standard t&cs (agreed to during booking) state that we do not return deposits for any reason. However we totally understand that these are exceptional times and we will act accordingly.

In the meantime we can advise the following for all bookings made for Friday 20 March 2020 until (and including) 30 April 2020:

All payments already made for any booking in this period have now been saved as credit (all details saved under your original booking).  This credit can be used to secure a new booking once things have calmed down. If that works for you, we would like to offer you an extra 50% of credit, on the house, to spend on drinks or snacks to say thank you for your patience in these unprecedented times. (So for example if you had paid £50 deposit – you will now have £75 credit saved against your original booking)

The new total credit can be used anytime in the next 5 years. This credit can be used to secure a new booking in the future – just email us and we will get you booked in. Also note that the credit does not have to be used by yourself – it can be gifted over to other friends and family. In any case just email us and we will sort any details and new bookings.

We hope this offer of saving the credit and adding additional credit works for you. If you are happy with this there is no need to contact us – this will be updated on your booking automatically and will be ready for you to use for your next booking when the time comes.

Importantly, any customer who has already been put in serious financial difficulty due to this crisis please email us and we will prioritise your request for a refund. While our intention is to protect our staff and suppliers we do not want to put anyone else into financial difficulty at this time.

Anyone else who has a booking in this period and does not anticipate being able to use the enhanced credit, is welcome to request a full refund, but we would ask that if you are not currently in serious financial difficulty you give us some time to process the refund – currently we would anticipate being able to do that in early May but this could be brought forward if Government support can reach us quicker than that.

Regarding any bookings for May 2020 onward. We do not currently have any specific information so will not be able to advise until the Government position on the becomes clear, hopefully by mid April.

If you need to contact us directly, please do so by email to the relevant venue – edinburgh@supercube.biz, cowgate@supercube.biz, or glasgow@supercube.biz.

Due to the high volume of enquiries just now we are only able to respond by email so please contact us by email only. It may also take us a few days to respond – but we promise we will respond to all emails. We will not be able to respond to messages via Facebook or other social media messages and we are literally unable to take calls at the venues right now.

Please do all you can to keep yourself and others safe at this time.

We really look forward to welcoming you back in the future.