Date Confusion
Each of our booking pages relates to a single “trading day”. We are open about 360 days of the year and each day that we open we keep the same “day/date” until we close. That’s what we call a trading day.

So for example on Wednesday 22nd December we opened as usual at 5pm, then we closed that evening at 3am. As we closed after midnight then technically Thursday had already started, but to keep things simple for trading we don’t suddenly “change our trading date” at midnight. In this case we opened on Wednesday at 5pm, and then we closed 10 hours later on Wednesday at 3am.

So if you were coming to visit us on Saturday evening, and originally had wanted to visit us at 11pm, but decided to come a bit later at just after midnight, then you would want to enter Saturday’s date on the bookings page and instead of making a booking for 11pm, select a start time that is slightly later than that i.e. a start time of just after midnight. Hopefully this has helped! If you are still unsure call or email before booking!