Can I bring my own food, alcohol or soft drinks?
We are afraid it is not possible to bring your own food, or drinks (even soft drinks) into the venue. We do provide a great range of snacks, soft drinks and a wide range of alcoholic beverages which can all be found on our menu. We feel these are really reasonably priced and best of all can all be ordered at the touch of a button! Take advantage of this great service – its rare to find such “luxury” in the city centre! HOWEVER, if it is a birthday please do feel free to bring a cake – thats totally fine!

Can we come in fancy dress?
If that is really what you want to do then feel free! We are a very tolerant venue and have no specific dress code. Be yourself! but if you are having a “special night” please have a good time but please be respectful of the other groups in the venue.

I am organising a hen/stag do – can I arrange what some people might call a “special guest” to come and “embarrass” the hen/stag?
We are afraid that is not possible. At SUPERCUBE we focus on the things we do best – thats great facilities, great music, and great service. We feel that we have everything here that you should need to have a great party and that any other “entertainment” would be a distraction that would not do the venue justice.

Can I bring toddlers?
Our current licence conditions do not allow any children in the venue at any time under the age of 5. However, 5-17 year olds can come at restricted times and certain conditions which can be found in our kids prices page.