The current forms of ID that we accept are: Full or Provisional Drivers Licence, Passport or a Young Scot Card (must contain PASS hologram).

5-17 year olds can come at restricted times and under certain conditions which can be found in our Kids & Teen Parties page. However, our current licence conditions do not allow any children in the venue at any time under the age of 5.

As all our venues are licensed we are bound by the terms of each licence. At most times of the week the venue is 18+ only and as such valid ID may be required if staff deem that you fall into the “challenge 25” category. Our advice is to always have valid ID handy to avoid any disappointment.

When booking a session with us, any balance paid goes purely towards the room hire, and drinks are not included in this fee. However we do have great drinks packages and good value options which are ideal for large and small groups such as beer buckets and cocktail/spirit pitchers, that are available to purchase on the day and you can find our full menus on our Drinks & Snacks page. In addition we have a great range of drinks promos available every week MON/TUES/WED More Info

I am afraid we do not allow groups to bring their own drinks or snacks to SUPERCUBE. The only exception to this is when bringing a birthday cake which is totally fine and for this we can even provide you with napkins and a knife to cut the cake (PLEASE DO NOT BRING A KNIFE TO A LICENSED VENUE!) We do also have great options for drinks and snacks all of which can be found on our standard menu on our website

If you would like to bring a birthday cake along for your celebration with us, we can provide your group with a knife to cut the cake (PLEASE DON’T BRING A KNIFE TO A LICENSED VENUE) and also plenty napkins to share out the cake but we are unable to provide any plates or cutlery.

Most decorations are fine to bring – all we ask is any thing is attached using blutack only.
The only exception to this is any confetti decorations/balloons which we do not allow as we have minimal cleaning time in between each session. If you are want to drop off any decorations beforehand, you can do this up but only for a maximum of 2 hours before your booking (this is due to the fact that we have limited space within the venue).

We are a no smoking venue and this includes all vapes. Our fire alarm systems are very sensitive and vaping can easily trigger false alarms, so unfortunately vaping is not permitted inside the venue.

If that is really what you want to do then feel free! We are a very tolerant venue and have no specific dress code. Be yourself! Of course always feel free to have a good time but please be respectful of the other groups in the venue.

We are afraid that is not possible. At SUPERCUBE we focus on the things we do best – thats great facilities, great music, and great service. We feel that we have everything here that you should need to have a great party and that any other “entertainment” would be a distraction that would not do the venue justice.

I’m afraid we do not have any inflatable items or props etc. If you wish to bring a small selection of props with you then you are more than welcome to do so.

It is possible that we may be able to assist if you wish to add some decorations to your room, but this is not a guarantee as we cannot determine exactly how busy we will be at the time or may have last minute staff issues that we cannot plan for. Best idea here is if you want to have some decorations then bring a small part of the group down maybe 10 minutes before the main part of your group so you can prepare everything for your main guest arrival.

Each of our rooms have only 2 microphones, the main reason for this is the point of a microphone is to raise your voice way above that of anyone else in the room. So to add more and more microphones would only defeat the point of this. That doesn’t mean that customers cannot share microphones if they wish during a song as long as you are comfortable to do that. Also that doesn’t stop you singing along without a microphone in your hand – its what tends to happen in most groups.

I’m afraid we are unable to play music from customers devices. Karaoke style music is not the same as the original music you can find on youtube or spotify. We currently have over 57,000 tracks from a huge range of styles, genres and eras. Whatever your musical tastes I’m sure you will be able to find songs you like at SUPERCUBE. Please check that out by searching or browsing our song database on our website (go to SONG –> SONG SEARCH).

Song database updates are carried out monthly but please note not all songs are available in a karaoke version. Our venues use karaoke versions of the songs you hear, not the original, so it is not a straightforward process to add new songs on our systems. This means that sometimes we can add your request, and sometimes we can’t. We will however always try our best.

As made clear in our booking terms deposits are never refunded once a booking has been made. When you arrive for your booking we load up your bill with the room price for your chosen session and then we deduct any deposit already paid so that the balance due on arrival is simply the room fees minus the deposit already paid. In this way deposits are always paid towards the total bill like a pre-payment.(/span>

If you check at the top right hand side of the website you will see various flags representing home pages in other languages. Click these and you will find information in this language including song listings for that language.

As per our terms and conditions agreed to during the booking process, as long as we have 72 hours notice of the cancellation then the deposit paid can be saved but only as credit for any future session with us be that a walk in or a new online booking. However if we receive less than 72 hours notice your deposit will be lost.

At SUPERCUBE there is no need to fully pay the balance before arriving for your booking. Once you have secured the booking online by paying at least the minimum deposit then it is secure and you only need to pay the balance on arrival. However to save hassle on arrival you can pay off the balance over the phone anytime before the day of your booking. To do that simply call us on 0131 226 4218 at any off peak time and we will get the remaining balance processed for you saving you hassle when you arrive on the day of your booking.

We offer room service as standard for all groups and all we required in order to set this up is to hold on to a bank/credit card upon arrival. Nothing will be charged to this card – it simply gets locked in our card safe until your bill gets settled at the end of your session then the card is returned. For peace of mind the card is locked in place and is fully monitored by CCTV at all times.

Unfortunately we do not allow people to pop in and out of various rooms even if you do know someone in that room. This policy is to provide peace of mind to all customers that their room is for their use only during the time of their visit.

Unfortunately this is not possible. Our venue’s capacity is based on room occupancy so if you have booked a room with a max capacity of say 7 then that means the max size of the group that we can allow to enter and remain in the venue is 7. We are unable to allow more than that to enter the venue.