Already a top venue in glorious Glasgow, SuperCube now hosts the best kids’ parties in town too. Whether you’re hosting a fun-filled extravaganza for younger ones or a grown-up night out for teens, SuperCube is the perfect place for a party.

With dedicated room hire, party buffets, free juice and even free face painting, youngsters will love the chance to belt out their favorite songs and dance the afternoon away. Perfect for kids of any age, guests can choose from over 53,000 songs and make the most of their bespoke celebration.

Planning the perfect kids’ party at SuperCube. 

Organising great kids’ parties in Glasgow can be tricky, no matter what age your children are. With different interests and abilities, finding the right environment for young people to celebrate can be a challenge. At SuperCube, however, everyone can have fun and relax in a safe and existing environment. Private room hire ensures your guests can party with abandon, sing their hearts out and dance to their heart’s content. 

Perfect for children ages 5 and over, you’ll be the coolest parent in town when you host a lively party at one of our dedicated karaoke rooms. Available for kids’ parties in Glasgow over the weekend and midweek, you can host your child’s party on the actual date of their birthday or opt for a weekend close to it.  

We offer room hire for kids’ parties in Glasgow on Saturdays between 2pm-5pm, Sundays between 2pm-8pm, Mon-Thurs between 5pm-8pm and Fridays between 5pm and 7pm. nights. If you’re hosting a party for teens aged between 14-17 years old, you can also opt for an extended time slot of 5pm-7pm on Saturday nights.”

Whilst we ensure that SuperCube is the ultimate venue for kids’ parties on any day of the week, our Sunday Fundays are the perfect time to celebrate in style. With a dedicated on-site face painter and diluting juice for your guests, you can save money and ensure thirsty singers are well-hydrated, ready for the next track! What’s more – our Sunday Funday resident face painter offers free face painting, so you’ll get more bang for your buck and give young guests an extra special celebration.  

Hosting your child’s party on our iconic Sunday Fundays means you can grab a fantastic bargain too. When you book kids parties in Glasgow at SuperCube, remember kids benefit from the second hour of room hire at HALF PRICE! If that isn’t enough, you can even take advantage of a third hour, completely FREE OF CHARGE! Committed to providing top-quality kids parties to suit all budgets, SuperCube is the ideal venue for any celebration.  

Party foods and drinks at SuperCube in Glasgow

No party is complete without some tasty food and refreshing drinks, and at SuperCube we’re always on hand to provide the ultimate party feast. With room service as standard, you can order from our regular menu whenever you like, so get ready to enjoy 10” oven-baked pizzas, nachos and cheese, popcorn, crisps, potato wedges with a selection of dips, chilli cheese bites, duck spring rolls and even tempura King prawns, as well as a wide range of soft drinks.

Alternatively, why not pre-order our specially designed kids’ buffet? With a selection of kid-friendly finger foods, we can cater for any age and will ensure your guests are well-fed. Priced at just £5.50 per head, with a minimum order for 10 guests, our kids’ party buffets are an easy and budget-friendly way to organise a sumptuous feast at your upcoming celebrations.

Whilst we don’t permit guests to bring their own food and drink, we have a handy snack menu available at all times and will happily cater for kids’ parties if you want to pre-order a buffet. With dedicated room service, our friendly staff will serve your drinks and snacks in your private karaoke room, so you won’t miss out on a second of fun. Remember – Sunday Funday bookings include free diluted juice, which can help you reduce the overall cost of the party and keep young ones refreshed.

For birthday party bookings, we’re always happy for guests to bring a birthday cake, so please feel free to bring one along for the birthday boy or girl.

Although SuperCube is a licensed venue, we’re unable to serve alcohol to rooms which have been hired for kids’ parties in Glasgow. Of course, we’re more than happy to serve soft drinks and snacks to the adults accompanying our younger guests.

Choosing the right room for kids’ parties in Glasgow

Our unique approach to karaoke gives all our guests the best experience. With private room hire, you can relax with friends and family and sing your session away, all whilst enjoying complete control over the playlist.

When you’re booking kids’ parties in Glasgow, you’ll want to ensure that you choose the perfect room to hire. Depending on the size of the party and the number of guests you plan to invite, we can find you the ideal location.

At Glasgow, for example, we can cater for kids’ parties with up to 40 children but there are plenty of rooms dedicated for smaller celebrations too. If you’re hosting a kids’ party in Glasgow for 5 to 8 guests, for example, room 1 or 4 is an ideal size. With an hourly cost of just £20 for these rooms, you can reduce the cost of the party to around only £4 per head!

Alternatively, if you plan on hosting 9 to 11 children at your upcoming party, rooms 3 and 5 are just what you need. With extra space to enjoy, you can hire a room for just £30 per hour when you’re hosting kids’ parties in Glasgow. Room 2 at SuperCube Glasgow is great for around 12 to 16 guests, whilst room 7 is a fantastic option for larger groups of 17 to 25 children.

Choosing the right room is integral to the success of any party, so make sure you opt for space which is big enough for everyone to enjoy. Although the above estimations are the number of guests we recommend in each room, you can choose to fill your private room to capacity if you wish. With a maximum capacity of 7 guests in room 6, 10 in rooms 1 and 4, 15 in rooms 3 and 5, 20 in room 2 and 40 in room 7, you can reduce the cost per head quite significantly when you do this.

However, filling the room with capacity can make things a little cramped, particularly for youngsters who want to show off their moves. To ensure your guests have space they need to dance and enjoy the music, we do recommend underfilling the room, if possible.

Remember – if you host SuperCube kids’ parties in Glasgow on Sunday Fundays, you can book a second hour at half price and a third hour completely free and doing so can reduce the cost per head even further.

If you book room 2 at SuperCube Glasgow for 12 guests, for example, you’ll pay £40 for the room for the first hour, which equates to just £3.33 per guest! With a total cost of £60 for two-hour room hire (including your half-price second hour), you’ll only need to pay £5 per head for double the fun. In fact, you can take advantage of our free third hour and pay £5 per head for triple the fun!

Whichever room you choose, we’ll ensure your guests have a fabulous time at SuperCube Glasgow and give them a party to remember.

Book kids’ parties in Glasgow now  

With a stunning array of room facilities, guests can choose from the latest hits, film soundtracks golden oldies and even songs from the shows. Whether your children are massive fans of Ariana Grande, One Direction devotees or Little Mixers, we’ve got thousands of tracks for them to choose from.


Our bespoke karaoke systems are easy to use, and a playlist can even be chosen in advance if you prefer. With wireless mics as standard, partygoers can give the performance of a lifetime as their friends cheer them on.

Whilst children do need to be accompanied by adults at SuperCube, you can choose exactly how many grown-ups you think need to be present. Guests aged between 14-17 don’t require room supervision, but an adult does need to be on the premises at all times. Unfortunately, our license doesn’t allow us to permit under 5s on site, but we can’t wait to welcome them when they’re a little older.

Giving teens and children a fun, exciting and safe place to party, SuperCube is the ideal venue for kids’ parties in Glasgow. To find out more about hosting a party with us or to make a booking in advance, why not get in touch with our friendly team today? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and provide all the info you need ahead of the big day. Simply call us now on 0141 297 1218 and we’ll be happy to help.