Sunday Funday is our great deal for kids sessions. Take advantage of our early opening hours on Sundays to let the kids belt their lungs out with their friends (1pm opening in Edinburgh, 2pm in Glasgow)! Kids get second hour half price and (if they can manage it!) 3rd hour FREE!! On top of that all Sunday Funday sessions come with FREE diluting juice for all the kids meaning you don’t have to fork out extra when they get thirsty!


Price Examples

  • For 5-8 kids – book room 4 (Edinburgh) or room 1 or 4 (Glasgow) – total price about £5 per child
  • For 9-11 kids – book room 5 or 7 (Edinburgh) or room 3 or 5 (Glasgow) – total price about £5 per child
  • For 12-16 kids – book room 1 (Edinburgh) or room 2 (Glasgow) – total about £5 per child
  • For 17-25 kids – book room 6 (Edinburgh) or room 7 (Glasgow) – total about £4 per child
  • Available in both Glasgow and Edinburgh venues – not available yet in Cowgate venue
  • All prices are quoted per room so if you want better value fill a room closer to its capacity which you can find on our rooms/prices pages (e.g. above we suggest room 4 is good for 5-8 kids but you can fill to its capacity of 10 if you want to reduce the price per person (you can do that, but we would say its best to go slightly under capacity to give the kids a bit of room to dance about!)