What is a Last Minute Slot?
We always try our best to have some space for last minute urges to visit us – you simply don’t know always know when you are going to get the urge for a SUPERCUBE session!

When will I see them appear?
These will start to appear in any days which are starting to become heavily booked. So to avoid seeing them, book as early as possible! Then they are less likely to affect you. The closer to the date and the more bookings we have then the more chance you will see one of these blue blocks in the booking page.

I want that space – what can I do?
If there is only 1 blue block then it will released on that day. The release time is always random, but it is always sometime between 12 noon and 5pm. You will not be able to book it until it is released. Once the slot is released the blue block will disappear and then the gap left will be available for anyone to book. We’d suggest booking it ASAP once its been released and the most direct way to do this is to book it online. If there are multiple blue blocks on one day then 1 will be released on the day, 1 will be released the day before, 1 more a day before that and so on. So if you see multiple blue slots then you will have multiple chances to get a last minute slot!